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This Wikibase instance is developed during the Virtual Biohackathon on COVID-19. The goal of this Wikibase is to serve as a staging server to improve the taxonomy of viruses on Wikidata. Often the concept of a 'taxon' and the description of a species are mixed on Wikidata

Taxonomy of viruses

The taxonomy is built using the ICTV Master Species List 2018b.v2. The ICTV is the authoritative source with respect to the taxonomy of viruses. The whole Master Species List is imported in the Wikibase.

Definition of properties

Property definition
Property Label
P1 instance of
P3 taxon name
P4 parent taxon
P5 taxon rank
P6 has taxon
P7 ICTV virus genome composition
P8 type species

Concept items

Concept items
Property Label
Q1 taxon
Q2 virus
Q3 taxon rank
Q6933 genome composition